Friday, May 30, 2008

TGIF Game Time!

Happy Friday!! We are continuing our Grand Opening festivities at SaraAmarie's blog with a game today! Figure out the answers to the codes below and win a goodie from Sara's shoppe at SSD. {hint: they are all names of SaraAmaire kits!}. E-mail your answers to tkghansen at gmail dot com by Saturday, May 31st 12:00 am EST.

Thanks for playing!
**click image to see full size!!**


Becca said...

Fab game girl! What fun!!

SaraAmarie said...

Fun game! Good luck everyone! :)

MommyofPhoenix07 said...

Utterly confused? Number one islisted as a Penny Springmann kit...anywho finished my list! =P Too fun.