Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lets get to know each other!

Happy Wednesday! Hope your week is going smoothly! Sara here to bring you a new blog activity today. Just a fun way for you to get to know me and my awesome team and for us to get to know you!

Here's how it works- I will start out with a random question, I will post answers from my team and myself. Then you leave a little comment with your answer to the question along with your username from SSD, DST, or MSA. Why username?? Well I will randomly pick an element/alpha/paper pack to randomly give to one of the commenters and I need a way to get it to you! We are all about being random today! lol

Here's the question:
Do you have somewhere you go that you feel inspired and renewed?

Becca: "I just love getting out when I need to feel inspired/renewed. I love going for a drive in the country and taking in all the beauty! I also love to play piano to unwind and feel renewed!"

LuAnn: "I love to read or walk to "get away". It clears my mind."

Lydia: "Church"

Brooke: "Not really, the busyness of the days where I cant scrap renews me enough."

Suzy: "Outdoors"

Meredith: "Anywhere outdoors and I am not typically an outdoors kind of gal!"

Paula: "For scrapping, I go to the gallery at Sweet Shoppe Designs. For life, I read my scriptures."

Juli: "A quiet spot in a comfy chair with design and scrapbook magazines."

Jen: "I love being outside so, no matter the season, I always feel refreshed after being outdoors. I love to hike, snowshoe, and nap in my hammock in our backyard forest!"

Lucrecia: "My office at home. If I feel in a rut I just hop on to the gallery at SSD or look through the challenges there and it helps get the creativity flowing."

Sam: "The bathroom - really! Because it's the only place I can sit uninterrupted and look through my magazines and get ideas."

Shannon: "SSD!"

SaraAmarie: "There's beautiful red rocks all around where I live. To go out and hike, play in the creeks with my girls, or just sit and look over the landscape that goes on for miles and miles is very renewing. There is one canyon that I hold extra special- red rocks that fade into beautiful mountains with soft green rolling field on the canyon floor- makes me smile just thinking about being there!"

The product I picked for the random give away is the Basically Embellished Paper Pack. So let us know what your answer is in the comment section of this post so we can get to know you! :)


Lonely Paul said...
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Lizzy Reiber said...

Hey everyone! lizzyfizzy here...the only place i truely feel renewed is when i am reading the word of God or at church or a bible study. there is always something in the Bible to fill me up and refresh me. :)

Heather said...

Outside. Anywhere outside but most of the time I go out and sit on my back patio. I just need to be alone and in silence - which I rarely get with three kids under 6. lol

~heatherks at SSD

Nikki :) said...

I feel renewed after getting something done around the house. It just makes me feel better to know that I've accomplished something. Even if it's just a load of laundry! :)

Thanks Sara

nikkiepperson :)

breakingbrie said...

Hi!! I don't have to go anywhere particular, but I like getting out and going for a drive. Just being alone with the radio all the way up where I can sing as loud as I want is does it for me. Not having to think about what the girls are doing, what's for dinner, who spilled milk on the couch...LOL, that's renewing and refreshing for me!!

Mari said...

lovely1m here. I feel renewed when I can escape my own mind mostly reading or watching movies cause I think about that life and not my own.

Raji said...

I feel inspired & renewed from my daily walk, it is my 'me' time, time away from my 2 little daughters.

Stephanie (schock77) said...

Hi there! Schock77 here...I go outside to the backyard and just listen and look around around... then the kids are occupied and I have some peace!

Laci said...

Hello. lacidock here...I feel renewed when I go to our cabin. It is so beautiful & peaceful. It is nice to get away from the everyday chores at home.

Melinda said...

I usually get lost in a book or two when my scrapping creativity goes on a vacation.
Melinda (mmbstaley)