Monday, July 7, 2008

Let's celebrate!!

This week ushered in two major holidays for the citizens of North America. On July 1, our Canadian friends celebrated Canada Day and on July 4, our American friends celebrated Independence day! So, in honor of our North American friends, let's play a little game!!

Below are some words associated with these two holidays. Just unscramble them and send me your answers to scrappinmama AT mac DOT com by midnight PST on July 9. All correct entries will be put into a random draw and the winner will receive their choice of SaraAmarie's products!!

Here's the list:
ndnepieendec yad
rats gladpens reabnn
ncdaaa ayd
neakey oddleo
der hiwet uble
plmae aelf
ho ancdaa
refdeal dolihya

Remember, entries must be received by midnight PST on July 9. Have fun!!


voodoo_bryn said...

That was fun!!

SaraAmarie said...

Fun idea Paula! I am so bad a word games tho. Heheh! Good luck everyone! :)

Jacinda said...

I sent my email. Boy, a couple of those were tricky! :)

Melinda said...

Great word scramble ... normally I breeze through these, but I've gotten stuck on a couple. One left to figure out! :) Hope it's me! :)

Laci said...

Fun word scramble. Sent my email!